Hello, Asia! 10 Places In China You Shouldn't Miss

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       1. Guilin

1 guilin

It is true natural and historic treasure situated on the Li River in Guangxi Province. The large karst formation resembles a huge elephant who is sipping water from the river. On the top of the hill are beautiful temples, and the view on the rural Chinese scenery is enchanting and just breathtaking.  The taste of rural life removed from the metropolis will be really unforgettable. Best time to visit this place is from April to October, but not during Chinese national holidays.

      2. Old Town Lijiang and Dali

2 black dragon pool lijiang

The Old Town of Lijiang has been described as the Venice of Orient. It is a stunning ancient town with meandering slate lanes threaded by rivers located in Yunnan province. Besides the really amazing town, there are a lot of nearby attractions.

     3. Huang Long Valley

3 hospitalityleaders

Unbelievable valley situated in the Sichuan Province resembles a yellow dragon surging down from the snowcapped peaks of Mount Minshan. The place is also known as Yellow Dragon Valley or Mountain Fairyland. Legend has it that a yellow dragon helped the king of Xia Kingdom to channel floodwater to the sea, making the Minjiniang River. Beside surreal scenery of river, ponds and waterfalls there are also three ancient temples to be seen here.

4. Shanghai

4 shanghai

Fast growing industrial city on the Yangtze River is the hipper hipper cousin of Hong Kong and more alluring sister of Beijing.  This is a true one-of-a-kind experience for all of those city travelers. Shanghai has some of the finest restaurants, cultural museums, modern architecture and it is top fashion hot spot in the world.  The city is also known as the Oriental Paris. To avoid all that tourist rush, best time to visit this place is late spring and early fall.

5. Imperial Palaces in Beijing

5 forbiden city beijing

Bejing, as the capital of China, is surely something which shouldn’t be missed by all means.  Rich in history, the place has served as the capital for more than 800 years.  Imperial palaces or the Forbidden City is one of the worlds most popular tourist attractions. Even if you are into avoiding touristic hysteria, this is the place which you must see. Locals don’t speak English, so getting around can get tricky, so take an English-speaking Chinese guide. Best time to visit Beijing is in Autumn.

6. The Great Wall

6 the great wall of china

The Great Wall of Chine is one of the greatest man-made wonders of the world which lies like a gigantic dragon covering area of 6, 700 kilometers from east to west China. The construction of this giant took over 1,800 years. If you wish to avoid all those tourist filling up the place, we advise you to head north 60 km of Beijing to Huanghua.

7. Pingyao

7 pinyao

One of the most popular dynasties in China is surely the Ming Dynasty, and this is the fantastic example of their power. Surrounded with great walls this city will take you all in. The city is located in Shanxi Province. Raise of the Red Lanterns has been filmed in this city, and it is also known as Tortoise City. Best time to visit it is in spring and during summer.

8. Mogao Caves

According to the legend the first cave was craved by a Buddhist monk Lo-tsun in 366 AD. The site is placed on the Silk Road, one of the most important east-west trading routes. Today there are more than 490 craved caves with statues and wall paintings. The site is located in the Dunghuang Gansu province, and it is known as Caves of the Thousand Buddhas. Photography is forbidden anywhere In the complex.

9. Lushan National Park

9 mount lu china

Jiangxi Province has a mountain region of spectacular beauty and it is a birthplace of Pure Land Buddhism. It is also an important site of early Taoist and Confucian thought. Best time to visit it is in the summer.

10. Wolong Nature Reserve

10 wolong nature reserve

This place is best known for their efforts to preserve giant pandas. This is where you can see the endangered panda in its natural habitat. Besides the wonderful nature this is where hope in humanity can be restored. Best time to visit it is in April and May.  

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