Veneto: Wine, water and OCD

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After 12 hours of horrific bus ride I was awarded with sight and taste of heaven. Whole Veneto region is a masterpiece of nature, especially if you have a mild OCD and a taste for wines. Lower back pain has started his party, because lower back do not like buses, trust me… it was early morning, sun just have raised chasing low fog… And then I saw it, my fantasy land. Everything was in order, endless rows of grapevines, forming perfect lines, even forests looked like alleys. Nature of Veneto region is soothing in such way that you have to feel it yourself.

Veneto vineyard

​​Italy was my dream destination, but before I visited I was under impression that I will like south more than north, oh how wrong I was. Veneto was love at first site, and then the queen of sea, the Venice.

Summer in November was a great present, sunny morning on the seaside, boat ride and smell of salt and history made all my pains go away.Unlike to countryside lined up look, Venice was a mess of small streets, big buildings, canals, bridges and tourists trying to make me kill someone with its own selfie stick. If there is a good anxiety it lives in Venice, everything is beautiful, and everything is commercial, if you are tourist in Venice, there  is not much stuff that you can‘t do for money, but hurry up its sinking…

Venice Italy

​​Venice make me forgot about pain, about food, labyrinth of centuries of decadence, in close-up does not smell so good, canals that are remote from sea smell like disease, they really do. Go to Venice, get lost in Venice, walk around for hours, that is what you should do, obviously you should visit every museum and church and palazzo that you can, but if  you have little time like me, walk you will be surprised what you can find. I find perfect cookie, green from pistachio and shrouded in almonds, tasted like…well like happiness, I imagine that Alexander Skarsgård taste like that, but that‘s just me!

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